Plus Size Fashion

Designer Gowns For Fat Bodies

As a young child fashion was unknown to me because I was forced to shop in the plus size section which most of the time only held moo-moo like designs that draped like shapeless bags on plus bodies. As I grew in to a teen fashion then became this unattainable goal. Nothing fashionable or on trend would fit my body. I’d look in the teen section and want to cry because I knew nothing was ever going to fit and I also knew I’d never find anything similar to what others my age where wearing in the plus size section. Which also meant I knew I was going to face a lot of teasing for my “marmy & old” looking clothes.

So I decided that when I graduated from high school I wanted to do something involved with plus size fashion. Why? Because I was so tired of seeing ugly plus size clothing and patterns not made for plus bodies modeled on women who certainly did not have shapes similar to mine. It’s only been recently that top designers, Like Christian Siriano, who have started to acknowledge plus bodies (and usually only when they’ve reached a certain level of stardom).

I have to say – I remember watching Christian Siriano on Project Runway and cheering him on. I loved his fashion forward designs, his attention to detail, and the incredible way he could bring the fabric to life as if it where a living and breathing entity! I absolutely love that he has been so openly supportive of plus bodies. So of course when I saw this beautiful gown for sale at the Sacramento Plus Size Swap (Hosted by the Lucky Bombshell) I knew it had to be mine! This beautiful gown had me feeling like a Hollywood starlet. All glamour, romance, and beauty. And the pattern was made for a plus body so the gown literally felt and fit like a dream.

What a lot of people tend to forget is that fashion isn’t just about wearing clothes but it’s about expressing yourself and revealing a piece of you through what you choose to wear. And fat bodies have been long denied options and choices when it comes to our selections for fashion so when a well known designer chooses to not only create plus clothing, but also creates it for fat bodies, and not to just capitalize on the body positive community they deserved to be supported.

Fashion can tend to make you feel like it’s this “out of reach” goal and that it’s only meant for certain body types. That is Not the case; I will continue seeing fashion as a personal statement of expression due to all bodies and will always argue the right for people to dress the way they feel!!

If you Loves could choose one designer or brand to create a plus size collection who would it be??

Kat XO

All images shot by House Of Winter


FabUPlus Spring Issue ‘18: Crossing Off Bucket List Goal

If you had told my sixteen year old self that someday I’d be able to walk in to a mainstream nationwide known store and buy a publication with my face in it and an article I wrote myself… I probably would have laughed and then cried. Why? Well for starters I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ve always been a fat woman. Literally, since grade school I have been plus size and I’ve spent so much of my life hiding behind self deprecating humor and clothing meant to shrink my size while hating my body and the way the world viewed it. Plus bodies gaining any positive media attention was (and still is) a huge deal and while looking up to only a handful of plus women who attained some notoriety, it was hard to see myself as beautiful or worthy of positive attention. Fast forward a decade or so and you have one heart skipping moment for lil’ ole me. Seeing my plus body and in lingerie accompanied by my words and thoughts in a publication like this… well like the title says it’s a bucket list dream goal that I can now cross of my list!

And if there is one thing I could pass forward from this experience it’d be to help inspire women and men to know and love themselves just the way they are! There is No Weight Requirement for success, love, and happiness. Self confidence is knowing your strengths and positive qualities and using them to improve your world and the lives of those around you – it has nothing to do with what size jeans you may wear. It took me years to stop beating myself up for not being thin enough and it also took me years to balance what was healthy for me while enjoying my life; FAT was always a bad word that equaled to ugly and lazy. Well, No More. This fat lady was bullied relentlessly, told I was a waste of space and that beauty was not meant for plus bodies like mine. Well guess what? It Is meant for me and it’s meant for YOU too.

This moment for me is a huge F*** You to the bullies who think they have the right to police or judge other’s bodies and I’m truly happy to be sharing it with you all. It honestly represents my determination to use the pain created by years of teasing and torment and turning those negatives into a great big fat positive.

I would love to hear your #bulliedintogreatness moments… Did you take up space and not apologize for it? Have you overcome a social fear like wearing a swimsuit in public? Did you try something a little more daring then the regular wardrobe you usually wear? Share it using the tag and watch my instastories for a special shout out – I want to share in your positive moments and create a positive community where we can cheer on those successes no matter how big or small!

Kat Xo

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