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CurveGirl Review: Cropped Comfort Romper

I have to tell you Loves of my new obsession! The CurveGirl Cropped Comfort romper is a literal dream; from the harem style pants, to the three quarter sleeves, to the easy snap in the back that made getting in and out of this baby a piece of cake!

Did I mention that this black beauty has pockets? Yup, nice big pockets that fit my iPhone. I also loved the lower scooped neckline – when combined with the strap and snap in the back it made this one piece easy to get in and out of but still looked stylish. I love function-able fashion 😉

Now, I will say that I’m a petite 5’1 so the hem of the pants ended up being not so cropped for me but with the fall weather upon us I was actually happy of this fact because it made it warmer to wear and still lite enough to not need a jacket.

Now for the styling portion; I decided to keep things minimal and simple to match the effortless design of the romper, when styling I accessorized with a pair of Lane Bryant sunnies, silver and turquoise accent jewelry and added the blue heels to coordinate with my jewelry. Combined with a messy bun and nude lip I was able to accomplish a stylish and chic look for a lunch out with the girls in no time!

To shop this look : CurveGirl

Until next time Loves,

Kat XO

Plus Size Fashion

Wardrobe Remix: Three Looks, One Item – Universal Standard White Tee

A white shirt is truly a wardrobe staple in closets everywhere. From spending time with the family at the park to the foundation of your professional office wear the white T-shirt is appropriate in almost any situation!

So on this wardrobe remix we will be taking a look at the basic white tee from Universal Standard – as with any white shirt the possibilities can be limitless in this case I chose three looks that fit with the upcoming Fall weather.

The first styled look is a bit of causal day wear snazzed up with a pair of faux snakeskin heels, open sweater, black belt and electric blue capris. Keeping the accessories to a minimum I just wore my Michael Kors sunglasses and a pair of plain stud earrings.

What I love about this look is the subtle boldness to it! These electric blue leggings really can take center stage so to make sure the shirt was still the center of my look I made sure to belt it over and pull the hem as far down as I could to give it a more tunic feel. One of the plus sides of being petite is that regular shirts can appear to be tunic-ish but what I loved about this shirt was that the fit was excellent and I was still able to give the appearance of a longer shirt without having to stretch anything out.

The second styled look is a what I like to call the “family day” look; as a mom of a toddler getting dressed to the nines isn’t always an option and sometimes it just doesn’t fit with what activities we have planned for the day. So what to do when you want to stay stylish but comfortable? My go to is a T-shirt and jeans so what better combo for the pumpkin patch? This look is comprised of regular blue jeans, my husband’s flannel shirt and a simple pair of flats.

With this look I was still able to chase my daughter around comfortably and yet still feel attractive and confident in my outfit. It’s important to me as a Mom to make sure that I feel confident in my clothes but am still able to chase after my rambunctious little one so incorporating strong foundation pieces like this shirt, that make me feel fabulous, is a must!

The third styled look is more for an evening outing; paired with faux fur jacket, platform heels, and body hugging pencil skirt. By keeping the accessories simple I’ve made sure my outfit is the center of focus. I used a ponytail to give the shirt a little texture and an off to the side look. With the jacket or without it’s a sassy look that I had so much fun rocking!

Well Loves, that’s the new Wardrobe Remix! Thank you Universal Standard for sending this shirt and until next time!

Kat XO

Plus Size Fashion

Favorite Torrid Pieces: Mixing & Matching

Oh my Loves, I am so excited to be starting this new tradition on my blog! With my favorite brands I plan to comprise lists of my favorite garments and why I love them while including links for you all to go shop! The first brand in this category we will kick off with is one of my favorites that I have personally shopped for YEARS! TORRID!


There is just something so vibrant about wearing Mustard yellow; it could be because I’m so pail, or it sets off my red hair fabulously, or the fact it’s just a fun color but these Mustard Shorts are bold and fun! The coral tank was a nice touch for this summer shoot and I loved mixing these bold colors for this fun and flirty look!


I LOVE Vintage and the fashion styles of the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60/70’s. Now with that being said – I do tend to search modern brands of plus size clothing for Pinup inspired designs and I have to say… My Loves, Torrid has yet again surpassed my lil plus size heart’s desire! From the Outlander Collection, this little Red House Wife Dress are what dreams are made of!


Honestly, these Jean Shorts with lace detail on the hem of the shorts where my favorite pair of shorts and a big part of summer wardrobe! Simple, cute, and comfortable.


This gorgeous yellow Floral Kimono was perfect for so many summer occasions! From outdoor lady luncheons, to just hanging out with my baby girl and throwing on a pair of shorts with it, the versatility of the kimono just makes it so easy to Love!


Over the years one thing I tend to turn to TORRID for is their Lingerie and undergarments; from everyday underwear to gorgeous lingerie like this ROSE Bralette ! The fit is great, the added detail to the bralette brought it from simple to elegant and I love the simplicity of this piece!


I’ll continue to add my favorite pieces from TORRID so make sure you Loves check back for updates!

To Shop Any Of These Looks: TORRID

Until next time,

Kat XO

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Kade & Vos : Thong Review

Undies, Panties, Lingerie, Unmentionables, or Intimates – the fact is unless you are wandering around commando (no shame in that game) then you are probably wearing scanties while you are reading this. Now, as a plus size woman I have to say underwear shopping is either a love/hate kind of experience. Half of the brands that do produce plus size intimates do NOT update their patterns to actually fit plus bodies so you are squeezing yourself in to this garment “meant” for you but will find the fit horrible, hanging out where you shouldn’t be and the overall feeling in them leaves something to be desired. On the other hand, you run in to brands like Kade & Vos where the fit is exquisite, the cotton is unbelievably comfortable and  let’s just say the designs will make your booty look fabulous!!

One of the big details I love about Kade & Vos is the thought that went in to the fabric choice. From the quick dry technology, to the no pinch waistband, to the cooling Pima cotton – these undies are game changers! Guys, they even biodegrade so were also talking little waste, small carbon footprint and made here in the US.

For my bigger bodies they do carry up to a 6x but if they don’t carry your size let them know and they will get you a pair for no additional cost.

Another aspect that I liked about Kade & Vos would be their undeniable attention to inclusivity for all bodies. From data driven decisions based on their costumers to weight bias employee training and an outward mindset that hopes to include all walks of life; Kade & Vos would like to set people free from the discomfort fashion has pushed on to bodies by creating comfortable, sustainable undergarments for all bodies shapes and sizes.

Now, here is what I LOVED about the thong Kade & Vos sent me:
– The fit is incredible; with most thongs the top of the triangle pattern wont cover my lower belly or will be so tight that skin is muffin topping due to the pattern not being designed for a bigger body. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. The added top band gave me the extra fabric I needed for a thong to really fit comfortable in the front.
– No panty line in the front and of course none in the back, the added band at the top really helped to keep wedgies at a minimum. As a regular thong wearer lol if the fit is funky it no longer feels like a thong and more along the lines feels like a permanent wedgie your stuck with for the day. Again, this was not the case, comfortable and fit fabulously!
– The fabric is ridiculously luxurious feeling so that you forget you’ve got anything on!

Shop Here: Kade & Vos

Well my Loves, until next time!

Kat XO

* Much love to babe @thebeaologist for snapping these on our pool day!

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Thirty & Thriving: How I Plan To Embrace A Bolder Wardrobe

If you happened to peek in to my closet about 90% of what I own happens to be in the color black. This isn’t a bad thing but this truly got me to thinking. As a plus size child I was always taught that darker colors are the wiser choice simply because they are slimming and more “flattering” for a fat body. So of course when clothing was suggested the darker shades took the top and the brighter tones got shoved to the bottom. It was a way to minimize my appearance to appear less big. Hell of a thing for a child to have to consider but that’s beside the point.

Now when you look around my home you’ll see tons of color! From artwork to photographs, furniture (my living room set is green for goodness sakes) my tattoos, and even down to my occasional shift of hair color (I like when my hair is pink almost as much as my natural red)and nail polish… which happens to currently be a bright electric blue. I Love Color. So why then doesn’t my wardrobe reflect this? In a moment of self reflection I began to wonder: Do I really truly love to wear the color black that much or has my brain just been rewired to make clothing in this color my top choice to make myself appear “smaller” because of the constant reinforcement that fat bodies have to be slimmed down?

Well Loves, I don’t have an answer for you yet but we’re going to figure this out together. Every year on my birthday I try to make a promise to myself to work on an aspect of self growth – so what better promise to make to myself for the big 3-O!! For the rest of this year I plan on forcing myself to choose brighter shades of color and resist the temptation to buy everything in black lol! You may be asking why I plan to do this and I’m gladly going to share my reasoning with you : if the reason my wardrobe is 90% black is truly because my brain has been conditioned to choose the more slimming shades as a result from the pressure from diet culture and bullying then I need to reclaim that part of my brain and rewire it to re-include color back in my wardrobe. Think about it – that’s a huge portion of fashion choices that I unintentionally removed myself from because my brain wasn’t thinking correctly. And it’s time to take those choices back.

Kind of like when I started calling myself a fat babe. For years I would take the word Fat as an insult. A truly low blow word that would bring this toxic feeling of inadequacy and shame to me. When I reclaimed this word I reprogrammed my brain to reject the idea that this word had any negative power. It’s a word that describes something and it doesn’t have to be negative or positive so why not use my own power to make the word FAT a positive one?

I plan on exploring new brands, new color options and bold choices to ring in my Thirtieth year on this earth and I hope you Loves will join me!

Kat XO

Shop “Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe” top & Mustard Yellow Shorts here : TORRID