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Big Fig Mattress Review : Designed For Larger Bodies

I don’t know about you Loves, but I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with my bed. My bed is what I consider my sanctuary – I LOVE to sleep, I love to dream, and let’s face it a lot of intimacy happens in the bed. But as a plus size woman, well, let’s just say it’s hard to find a mattress that doesn’t start to dip after six months; or in my husband’s case (who happens to be over 6ft tall) has trouble just fitting without having his heels hanging over the edge.

So that’s why I’m so excited to introduce Big Fig Mattress to you Loves!! A mattress, box springs, and foundation designed with larger bodies in mind. I’m talking about specially made with Big and Tall folks in mind!

Now before we dive further in to this review I want to let you Loves know to use discount code: KATSTROUD to save a little on your mattress!

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Now Loves, let’s get real before I tell how you amazing my Big Fig is. How many of you have dealt with horrible dips in the mattress and are constantly trying to flip it or rotate the mattress to keep it feeling right? How about the crazy amount of sound the springs will make when you shift or roll over or get out of bed? How many of you experience serious back pain as soon as you wake up from what’s supposed to be a “restful” sleep?

I understand all of this because usually after a few months this is how my mattress ends up being. Then add in a little co-sleeping with a baby girl squeezed in between her parents and you have a recipe for constant back pain, squished in quarters and bruises from tiny flailing limbs!

I’ve also experienced some pretty serious injuries that left my right shoulder the ability to dislocate when ever it’s too strained and a pinched nerve in my upper back. I also had a spinal tap and epidural when I had my daughter and have had pretty regular lower back pain (or mommy hip flairs I’ve heard them referred to).

So a lumpy, weak mattress with no support is the last thing my back needs.

And then here comes Big Fig Mattress with a game changer!!

Here’s What I Love:

  • High quality material use that helps prevent sagging and poor support which results in less shifting.
  • The foundation supports 5x the normal weight of standard bed foundation.
  • Thermogel that helps keep body temps down.
  • And they offer a 20 year free repair & replacement warranty.
  • The Best Sleep I’ve Ever Had!
  • The king provides plenty of room for the early morning family snuggle sessions .
  • Before my Big Fig Mattress I would constantly toss and turn, I’d get over heated and would need at least one leg tucked out or I’d get night sweats and my poor back would ache almost constantly. Any time I’d move you’d hear the bed springs creak and groan, getting in and out of bed was never a quiet moment and my poor husband usually had to sleep a little diagonally so he’d fit (again over 6ft tall).
  • I’ve now had my wonderful mattress for two weeks and my back has never felt better! I’m sleeping through the night with out the constant toss and turn that I’m used too. I’ve had less headaches, my pinched nerve has been relaxed and my shoulder isn’t giving me such a hard time. And the only thing in my routine to change? Big Fig Mattress.
  • As a mother I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING a full restful night of sleep has made. I have way more energy during the day, my body is happier and feeling more energetic, my positive attitude has returned in full force without it being forced lol, and I’ve noticed how overall I just feel better.
  • My husband has experienced similar results: his knees usually ache and his lower back is pretty much in constant pain (he works at a job that has him in motion and doing regular labor intensive work), he usually has to sleep a little wonky so he fits on the mattress as comfortably as possible and use to snore very annoyingly haha!
  • After two weeks of using our Big Fig he’s noticed the swelling in his knees is significantly less. He’s not having night sweats (he could soak his sleeping shirt some nights) and he’s sleeping like a log with No Snoring. He doesn’t toss and turn constantly and his night sweats have all but stopped!

if you are in the market for a new comfortable bed I would suggest Big Fig Mattress, hands down. Big, tall, plus or slim – this mattress is a thing of beauty that will provide such restful sleep that you’ll never want to sleep anywhere else!

So until next time Loves,

Kat XO

And because my baby girl just loves to pose for the camera lol have to throw in this little blooper!

*Big Fig Mattress was gifted to me but all opinions of mine listed here are genuine. The link above is an affiliate code which means I will earn a small commission which will help me to continue providing future content. Appreciate y’all!*

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