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Wardrobe Remix: Three Looks, One Item – Universal Standard White Tee

A white shirt is truly a wardrobe staple in closets everywhere. From spending time with the family at the park to the foundation of your professional office wear the white T-shirt is appropriate in almost any situation!

So on this wardrobe remix we will be taking a look at the basic white tee from Universal Standard – as with any white shirt the possibilities can be limitless in this case I chose three looks that fit with the upcoming Fall weather.

The first styled look is a bit of causal day wear snazzed up with a pair of faux snakeskin heels, open sweater, black belt and electric blue capris. Keeping the accessories to a minimum I just wore my Michael Kors sunglasses and a pair of plain stud earrings.

What I love about this look is the subtle boldness to it! These electric blue leggings really can take center stage so to make sure the shirt was still the center of my look I made sure to belt it over and pull the hem as far down as I could to give it a more tunic feel. One of the plus sides of being petite is that regular shirts can appear to be tunic-ish but what I loved about this shirt was that the fit was excellent and I was still able to give the appearance of a longer shirt without having to stretch anything out.

The second styled look is a what I like to call the “family day” look; as a mom of a toddler getting dressed to the nines isn’t always an option and sometimes it just doesn’t fit with what activities we have planned for the day. So what to do when you want to stay stylish but comfortable? My go to is a T-shirt and jeans so what better combo for the pumpkin patch? This look is comprised of regular blue jeans, my husband’s flannel shirt and a simple pair of flats.

With this look I was still able to chase my daughter around comfortably and yet still feel attractive and confident in my outfit. It’s important to me as a Mom to make sure that I feel confident in my clothes but am still able to chase after my rambunctious little one so incorporating strong foundation pieces like this shirt, that make me feel fabulous, is a must!

The third styled look is more for an evening outing; paired with faux fur jacket, platform heels, and body hugging pencil skirt. By keeping the accessories simple I’ve made sure my outfit is the center of focus. I used a ponytail to give the shirt a little texture and an off to the side look. With the jacket or without it’s a sassy look that I had so much fun rocking!

Well Loves, that’s the new Wardrobe Remix! Thank you Universal Standard for sending this shirt and until next time!

Kat XO

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