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Kade & Vos : Thong Review

Undies, Panties, Lingerie, Unmentionables, or Intimates – the fact is unless you are wandering around commando (no shame in that game) then you are probably wearing scanties while you are reading this. Now, as a plus size woman I have to say underwear shopping is either a love/hate kind of experience. Half of the brands that do produce plus size intimates do NOT update their patterns to actually fit plus bodies so you are squeezing yourself in to this garment “meant” for you but will find the fit horrible, hanging out where you shouldn’t be and the overall feeling in them leaves something to be desired. On the other hand, you run in to brands like Kade & Vos where the fit is exquisite, the cotton is unbelievably comfortable and  let’s just say the designs will make your booty look fabulous!!

One of the big details I love about Kade & Vos is the thought that went in to the fabric choice. From the quick dry technology, to the no pinch waistband, to the cooling Pima cotton – these undies are game changers! Guys, they even biodegrade so were also talking little waste, small carbon footprint and made here in the US.

For my bigger bodies they do carry up to a 6x but if they don’t carry your size let them know and they will get you a pair for no additional cost.

Another aspect that I liked about Kade & Vos would be their undeniable attention to inclusivity for all bodies. From data driven decisions based on their costumers to weight bias employee training and an outward mindset that hopes to include all walks of life; Kade & Vos would like to set people free from the discomfort fashion has pushed on to bodies by creating comfortable, sustainable undergarments for all bodies shapes and sizes.

Now, here is what I LOVED about the thong Kade & Vos sent me:
– The fit is incredible; with most thongs the top of the triangle pattern wont cover my lower belly or will be so tight that skin is muffin topping due to the pattern not being designed for a bigger body. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. The added top band gave me the extra fabric I needed for a thong to really fit comfortable in the front.
– No panty line in the front and of course none in the back, the added band at the top really helped to keep wedgies at a minimum. As a regular thong wearer lol if the fit is funky it no longer feels like a thong and more along the lines feels like a permanent wedgie your stuck with for the day. Again, this was not the case, comfortable and fit fabulously!
– The fabric is ridiculously luxurious feeling so that you forget you’ve got anything on!

Shop Here: Kade & Vos

Well my Loves, until next time!

Kat XO

* Much love to babe @thebeaologist for snapping these on our pool day!

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