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So for those of you who have been with me for some time know my passion for vintage and Pinup! Those of you just joining this program already in progress should know I LOVE Vintage and the fashion styles of the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60/70’s. So any time I can go thrifting or antique shopping it’s a good day. Now with that being said – I do tend to search modern brands of plus size clothing for Pinup inspired designs and I have to say… My Loves, Torrid has yet again surpassed my lil plus size hearts desire!

Now, I’ve always been a Torrid fan. Let’s face it, for quite some time Torrid has been one among a handful of (notice I said one of) plus size stores available to the plus community. In my eyes, they have been a beacon of hope for plus ladies like myself who desire FASHION and not shapeless sacks of fabric to adorn our bodies!

I always enjoy shopping at Torrid. Why? Simple – fashion forward designs, patterns made for plus bodies, and a wide range of selections! Not to mention – the lighting and mirrors set up in the changing rooms are to die for! Yea, yea, yea chuckle a little at me, but all I’m saying is that the lighting is perfect for a selfie 😉

Now for this beautiful dress! This beauty was apart of the Outlander limited collection that was released. The three-quarter sleeve and off the shoulder design compliment my arms, providing a classical type of coverage but cool enough to still wear in the summer and show off my body art. The length is actually perfect for me, which is surprising because this wasn’t part of the petite selections and I usually have to hem my dresses no matter where I get them. The satin fabric is luxurious and light weight so I didn’t feel like I was drowning in fabric. The full skirt of the dress is perfect for twirling and didn’t even need a petticoat fluffed underneath to give great volume!

Now for those of you miffed that you can’t shop the exact design of this dress, I feel you, but check out the link below to see the other amazing designs and creations that Torrid offers and keep those eyes peeled here for more reviews and Pinup inspired goodness!

Shop Here: TORRID

Now on to a side note; I get asked often how I accomplish this gorgeous vintage up-do… If you are a real hair stylist then please don’t continue on…

Pony tail & Foam Rollers! So not kidding lol in no way am I talented with the capabilities of being able to gorgeously style hair. So I literally brush my hair in to a ponytail on to the very top of my head (unicorn style) and slowly brush that puppy to my hairline then I add in foam rollers. Secure with hair scarf, unroll the foam monstrosities in the morning and voila! Throw in a few bobby pins to secure the curls strategically and add a little hairspray and it’s good to go! 😉

Until next time my Loves!

Kat XO

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