Pushing Boundaries: Fashion Nova Curve Review

As a fat woman I’ve learned that society will try to enforce certain fashion restrictions onto the plus size community and one of the things I love about Fashion Nova Curve is that they throw those BS restrictions right out the flipping window! I can’t tell you how much joy I experienced when my latex dress, nip slip crop tee, and romper arrived! And yes, you read that right: latex, crop top, and one piece – all for my delicious & voluptuous form.

So first let’s talk about the crop top: is this not one of the cutest crops you’ve ever seen?! I was approached by three other moms while at the park all wanting to know where I got this beauty. The length was actually perfect for my petite height – not too short so it didn’t feel like a bralette but long enough to feel comfortable and still obviously be a crop top.

The one piece was a super impulse pick for me – I’m 5’1 which means rompers tend to fit me funky, either it’s too long in the crotch so it looks like I’ve got a saggy crotch or the bust is completely off that it’s just not worth the effort of trying to alter to fit me. Have to say though this one piece fit like a dream! Adjustable shoulder straps helped with the fit, the enhanced bust detail complimented my cleavage wonderfully and the shorts are the perfect length. Easy to get in and out of so had no problem wearing for long period of time and an added plus for everyone: it had pockets!!!

And now for the latex dress of my dreams! Now I know the description of the dress says latex but honestly it’s more of a pleather material so you won’t need to be lubed up to slip in to this baby, and it also means that it was super comfortable to wear yet still form fitting. Details I love: I absolutely adore the mermaid flair bottom, the pattern for the garment was designed for a plus body so you have a beautiful fit around the hips and the straps help to make sure that the fit is perfect. As a very pale lady lol I tend to avoid “blush pinks” but this shade is just fabulous and I truly felt like a boss bitch in this sassy little number!

As we approach summer I just want to remind you Loves that you don’t need to loose weight to be beautiful. Wear what makes you feel fabulous and confident and don’t be afraid to push those boundaries!

Kat XO

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